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Qualifications For You To Get Started!
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You need to be ISSA Certified or enrolled in an ISSA Certification Course and working towards becoming ISSA Certified within the next 90 days. If you are not currently enrolled in an ISSA Certification Course, please contact Glenda Meyer at 1-800-461-4772 so she can help get you started today.

You need to have Internet access and an active e-mail account. The daily ongoing support and administration of our ISSA Representative Program will be web-based with toll-free phone support available as necessary. Each new ISSA Representative will receive a FREE personalized e-mail address that can automatically forward to an existing e-mail address. An example of a personalized e-mail address is: (

Currently the ISSA Representative Program is only available in the United States and Canada. After our initial launch in the United States and Canada, we will be launching an ISSA International Representative Program within the next six to twelve months. If you are an ISSA Certified Trainer living abroad, please make sure your contact information is registered in our web-based Representative Database.

You need to have phone service with a voice mail feature. As an ISSA Representative, you will receive product and service inquiry calls from other trainers, clients and fitness enthusiasts on a regular basis. It is preferable that you set-up a dedicated phone line for this specific activity or record a voice mail message that incorporates both your training and Representative activities into one message.

A one-time investment of only $99.00 for a custom "Representative Starter Kit". This "Starter Kit" provides you with exciting personalized marketing and promotional materials that will help you earn extra money as an ISSA Representative.