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Trainers Edge software has been designed for Personal Trainers and Elite Fitness Enthusiasts. It is used to create and integrated nutrition, exercise and supplementation program based on a client's (users) current level of exercise expertise, fitness condition, and fitness goal. The software presents a one-week scenario that exemplifies an optimized regimen for the client (user) to follow. This is accomplished with a sleek, user-friendly interface that is multimedia enhanced.

The Trainers Edge
For more than three years, we have been receiving frequent requests for a software package to assist personal trainers. We have searched the market diligently and now, we have finally found a product that we're proud to recommend.

Price: $149.00
Platform: PC
Category: Software

The Complete Guide to Exercise
Contains hundreds of exercises demonstrated by the world's most prominent bodybuilders including Lenda Murray, Cory Everson, Shawn Ray, and many others. This is a useful tool that assists students with "hands on" knowledge.

Price: $79.95
Platform: PC and Mac
Category: Software

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