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ISSA Representative FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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The ISSA Representative Program is attracting a lot of attention and excitement. Here are some of the questions asked by inquiring ISSA Members:

  Q. Can I refer individuals to sign up to become new ISSA Representatives and receive a commission?

A. Yes. You will receive a $25 commission for every ISSA Representative you refer to us who sign up to become new ISSA Representatives.

To contact the ISSA directly and instantly, please click below and complete our brief and speedy form.


Q. When are commissions paid?

A. Commissions for any business completed within the current month are paid by the 15th of the following month. For example, any commissions earned in January are paid by February 15th.

Q. We just SELL, not teach?

A. The ISSA is currently not seeking instructors for our certification courses.

Q. What is the commission percentage difference if we refer to ISSA corporate staff for "closing" assistance?

A. It varies on volume. Please refer to the commission chart for a detailed presentation of how you earn money as an ISSA Representative.

Q. I am from Indonesia. May I become an ISSA Representative?

A. Currently the ISSA Representative Program is only available in the United States and Canada. After our initial launch in the United States and Canada, we will be launching an ISSA International Representative Program within the next six to twelve months. If you are an ISSA Certified Trainer living abroad, please make sure your contact information is registered in our web-based Representative Database.

  Q. Are there any monthly minimums (re: courses, supplements, etc.?)

A. No, there are no monthly minimums at all!


Q. If I provide the ISSA with a lead, I can earn commission on that sale, right?

A. Most emphatically yes!

  Q. How many promotional items do I receive in my Representative Starter Kit?

A. You will receive an ample supply of personalized promotional materials to successfully get started promoting yourself in your area.

  Q. Do I have to purchase additional promotional materials?

A. You will receive an ample supply of personalized promotional materials to successfully get started promoting yourself in your area. You will be able to order additional materials directly from ISSA at our volume discount cost. You will be able to order supplies directly online at or you can call Glenda Meyer at 1-800-461-4772 to place your order over the phone.

  Q. How much should I expect to pay for additional promotional materials?

A. The cost varies depending on the particular item and volume ordered. Remember, we are helping you set-up your own business and this is one of the expenses associated with setting up and running your own business. We will always offer all promotional materials at our volume discount cost. All of our materials have been designed to maximize exposure and minimize expense.

  Q. What business expenses should I expect to incur by becoming an ISSA Representative?

A. There are minimal expenses associated with becoming an ISSA Representative. Specific expenses will include: Starter Kit (one-time), additional promotional materials, an active e-mail account with internet access, a phone line with voice mail and transportation expenses. There are no other necessary expenses or any inventory purchase requirements.